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Prevention not Detention 

Prevention not Detention is a campaign to increase preventative to help both youth of color and law enforcement. Prevention efforts include:

Conflict Resolution Skills
Violence/Bully Prevention
Mental Health Awareness 
Suicide Prevention (based on AB 2246)  
Peer Advocacy 
Individual counseling 
Group counseling 
Family counseling 
Mental Health Career Pathways/Mentoring

W​ith the recent increase of campus shootings it is time that we as a community take preventive action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children. Often the youth shooter is discovered to have had mental illness that went undiagnosed. 

Although districts in our immediate area have been fortunate enough not to have experienced gun violence on a level as significant as this, the school district experiences a significant amount of other types violence on school campuses. 

The national center education statistics reported that in 2016,  20% of the nations high school age students reported having been bullied on school property that year. They also report that in 2015, 5.6% of students reported missing 1-3 days a month of school because they felt they were not safe at school causing poor attendance. Students that are being bullied are 2x more likely than non bullied students to report symptoms of physical illness further contributing to poor attendance. 

In order to remedy some of the root causes associated with violence Funn Psychotherapy, has created several programs/workshops and trainings for K-12 students, teachers and staff and parents.