Funn Psychotherapy & Consultation Services​​​​​​


A wide variety of services are now available. Please call for pricing and specialized services

Our services aim to assist members of the community through both individual and agency services. We believe preventative efforts through training and education are the best way to address mental health and criminal justice issues currently plaguing our community. 
In order to create significant social change, collaborative efforts must be made. Mental health professionals, educational systems, law enforcement agencies and community leaders and members must come together to achieve this common goal. The services we provide promote this mission therefore some services are collaborative efforts with other organizations. 

Agency & Organizational Services

Individual Services 

 ​We cater to large, small, private and public community agencies by providing training, education, program development, implementation, evaluation and research to assist them in creating social change for large groups of people. 
We realize that inividuals and families may need one-on-one assistance to make positive changes in their life. Our organization provides services to assist individuals and families in reaching these goals. 
  1. Mental Health & Law Enforcement Knowledge
    This collaborative presentation by both mental health professionals and officers presents the most recent research on law enforcements’ knowledge on mental illness as well as an officer perspective. Provides audience with training on recognizing symptoms, community resources, interventions, communication and evidence based practices. Concludes with real life community based solutions.
  2. Consultation Services
    Allow us to assist your agency in achieving your goals, whether it be evaluating and researching current programs and policies or assisting you in developing and implementing new programs and policies. Whatever your needs, Funn Consultation Services can help you achieve success.
  3. Officer Training
    Recently, there has been focus on negative interactions between officers and civilians in the community, jails and prisons, many of these civilians have mental health concerns. In efforts to prevent such consequences, psycho education is provided to various types of law enforcement regarding topics such as the prevalence of mental illness in the criminal justice system, stigmas, assessment, intervention and resources.
  4. Therapy, Interventions & Training
    In-home individual and family therapy for adults and/or children. Thats right we'll come to you! We also provide group therapy, interventions and training for organizations having difficulty navigating difficult issues such as crisis, diversity issues, employee wellbeing and burnout and work dissatisfaction.
  5. School based/Youth Programs
    Various programs and workshops available that focus on topics such as mental health awareness, social emotional learning (SEL), conflict resolution and suicide prevention (based on signed Assembly Bill (AB) 2246), for children and teens . These workshops address the unique needs of especially at risk youth. This program consists of several options and combinations.
  6. Legal Assistance
    Get help and save time navigating the family court system such as assistance completing court documents and paperwork for custody, visitation and child support. We can also assist with finding options to address older minor criminal cases and financial issues such as improving your criminal record and repairing your credit.