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Many Funn Squad staff members were born in raised in San Bernardino and surrounding cities. Several have deified the statistics and remained in the community despite their success and opportunities elsewhere. Many staff members are raising their own families here. That being said, Funn Squad continues to be deeply invested in the local community, as we have shown past decades. We have a passion to give back to our own community and    improve the problems we see around us. Staff members have over 30 years of experience working with youth of many ages, in various coaching and professional capacities. Our staff and volunteers have personal experience playing basketball at high levels including CIF championships, at the collegial level (via scholarships), and even at the professional level. Our staff also boasts a wealth of college and/or higher level education in the areas of sports management, business, finance, social work, education, mental health and criminal justice, to name a few. Having staff with professional education in these areas will allow us to meet the components previously listed better than any other organization.

Community Partners


Our latest breakthrough:


We have partnered with ​​​Funn Squad Non-Profit Organization(Tax ID# 75-3007037) to reach youth in the Inland Empire. Funn Squad has been dedicated to providing positive opportunities for youth in the Inland Empire for over 30 years, through not only sports but education as well. Funn Squad believes that sports is a proven successful tool in the positive development of inner city youth. Youth sports participation can have numerous positive effects on overall youth development such as increased physical health, decrease in bullying and conflict issues, improvement in critical thinking skills, and positive character development (leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship). 
Funn Basketball Clinics is the main program currently being implemented. The vision of Funn Basketball Clinics is to continue to provide positive athletic and  educational activities in the community to Inland Empire youth who either cannot financially afford to participate in other athletic and  educational opportunities or live in communities that do not offer such opportunities. Funn Squad’s successful implementation of this vision over previous decades has included assistance from not only community stakeholders but NBA and WNBA players as well.