Funn Psychotherapy & Consultation Services​​​​​​


 Assistance for Individuals, Families, and Public and Private Agencies 

We believe that taking a collaborative and  pro-active approach by implementing preventative strategies such as education and training particulalry in the areas of mental health, criminal justice and social policies is vital to solving social issues and creating successful communities.

A variety of services are available to Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties

Assistance is available to individuals and agencies  through services such as:​

  • Public speaking & presentation engagements
  • Professional consultation services
  • School based mental health and criminal justice programs for children and teens
  • Mental Health Training (law enforcement, teachers, professionals, etc).  
  • Affordable legal assistance
  • Credit Repair
  • In-home/mobile individual & family therapy
  • Group therapy 
  • Program and policy development, implementation, evaluation and research 
  1. Public Speaking
    Public Speaking
    Find out what opportunities are available for us to speak at your public or private event. Dr. Funn has presented on numerous topics across the nation.
  2. Consulting Services
    Consulting Services
    Discover how to reach the specific goals of your agency with assistance developing, implementing and/or evaluating programs and policies through training and research.
  3. Therapy
    Mental health services are available for individuals and families in the community as well as for organizations in crisis.
  4. Training & Programs
    Training & Programs
    Various training programs are available for youth, teachers, law enforcement and other professionals in the areas of mental health, criminal justice issues, suicide prevention and more.

Legal Assistance


Upcoming Engagements

Skip expensive attorney fees and long waiting times at the court house. We provide individual and group assistance on common issues such as family law matters (custody, divorce, visitation, support, etc.), repairing your credit and clearing minor legal matters from your criminal record. 
Hear what previous clients and organizations have to say about the services we provide. If you have a testimonal you would like to share please email us. 
​​​Where you can see us in action!
*some presentations are private or require prior registration. Contact us for more information

Accepted Presentations/Lectures

February 2017 Annual Forensic Conference Patton State Hospital, Patton, CA.
February 2017 Loma Linda University, Department of Social Work & Social Ecology, Loma Linda CA.
March 2017 Patton State Hospital, Annual social Work Offsite, Patton, CA.
April 2017  Cal State University San Bernardino, School of Social Work, San Bernardino, CA.
June 2017 41st Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Sciences (NEACJS) Annual Conference, Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
July 2017 National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics (NAWRS) 2017 Annual Conference, Pittsburg, PA.
July 2017 Eastside Reconciliation Coalition Summer Youth Program,  Eastside Reconciliation Coalition (ERC), at University of California Riverside (UCR), CA.
July 2017 National Organization of Forensic Social Work (NOFSW) Annual Conference 2017, Boston, MA.

September 2017 Occupational Therapist Annual Training, Washington, D.C.
October 2017 The National Association of Social Work- California (NASW-CA), 2017 Annual Conference San Mateo, CA.
October 2017 Annual International Criminology Conference, Policy Study Organization (PSO), Washington DC.
October 2017 The National Association of Social Work- Indiana (NASW-IN), 2017 Annual Conference Indianapolis, Indiana.